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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a new customer in Manage?    

How do I log into Manage using 2FA? 

How do I submit a feedback or complaint?  

Where can I find troubleshooting assistance?

Do you have assets in Spanish?

Why do I need the installation checklist?

How is Trice Imaging supporting Ukraine?

Is cloud technology safe?

Do you have social media posts I can share?

Do you have Tricefy use cases I can share?

How do I obtain my own customer testimonials?

I'm in the EU, how can I be MDR compliant?

Do you have marketing tools for customers?

Where can I find archived newsletters?

What are Trice Imaging's branding guidelines?

 What are Tricefy's technical specifications?

Does Tricefy work with ViewPoint?   

Are there email campaigns I can use for customer touchpoints?