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Example 1: 

No printer? No problem.

Receiving ultrasound images digitally is something millennial mothers today expect from their providers. With the Tricefy Patient App, patients can receive their ultrasound images and clips directly on their phones within a heartbeat! 

Learn more about Tricefy: [link]

Example 2: 

Did you know that the average age of first-time moms is 27? 

That would mean the new mothers today were born around 1995. Printing thermal paper is not only cumbersome and expensive. It's outdated.  

Patient Sharing services can be a competitive advantage. Let's make the choice of provider an easy one.

Learn more about Tricefy: [link]

Example 3:

Is it Time to Retire Your Printer?

Tricefy can help you! 

  • Eliminate 🕒-consuming printing, thermal or color prints, CD/DVDs or using thumb drives to share images and reports with patients.

  • Securely stored. Easy access through the ☁️, on any device. 📲

  • Images, clips and reports can be shared with family and friends through Tricefy Patient Sharing app! 💚

  • Finally a digital solution that provides better benefits for the patient, and the climate. ♻️

  • Thermal paper quality ruined after only a year? Here's imaging that lasts forever. 👵🏼

Learn more about Tricefy: [link]

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