Managing your Staff

Viewing Staff 

To view your staff, select Staff from the system menu at the top of the screen:

By default, only active staff members will display. Check Show Inactive to display members that are no longer active. Enter a name or partial name into the search box to quickly find members.

Select Edit next to a staff member to:

  • Change their name or email address
  • Reset their password
  • Change their user role
  • Enable or disable two-factor authentication 
  • Deactivate a staff member 

Adding Staff 

Select the New Staff button to add a new staff member to your account:

Enter the following information for your new member:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Initial password (after the initial login, it is important that your staff change this password by using the Forgot Password feature)
  • Role
    • Distributor Admin: Select this option to give administrator privileges (explained below)
    • Distributor User: Select this option to give basic level privileges 

Leave the Active? box checked and select Create Staff.

Deactivating Staff

To remove a staff a member, select Edit next to their name on the Staff page and uncheck the Active? box, followed by the Update Staff button.

Staff Roles

There are two types of staff roles:

Distributor User: Grants the basic level of functionality:

Distributor Admin: Grants the same functionality as a distributor user, with the addition of: 

  • Adding new staff members
  • Deactivating staff members 
  • Editing staff members (including password resets)

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