Dr. Nora Mores on Tricefy Patient Sharing and Collaboration

Dr. Nora Mores, OB/GYN; Prental Diagnoses Center, Luxembourg, shares the benefits of Tricefy patient sharing and collaboration.

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The patients are enthusiastic, especially as I have a lot of foreign patients and the families are still in Portugal, Bosnia etc. and so it is no problem for them to share the pictures and enjoy this moment with their relatives and friends!

For me it is worth gold, my pathologies and borderline findings immediately get a second opinion from Prof. Florian Faschingbauer from Erlangen, which helps me a lot.

Also in the last case of the diaphragmatic hernia (the patient is being introduced to intrauterine therapy in Leuven this Wednesday) it has been a tremendous benefit that I have already been able to send the videos to the specialists or to my reference center here in Luxembourg in order to prepare themselves and also the patient in the best conditions upfront to the intervention.

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