Creating and Managing your Customers

Adding Customers

To add a new customer, select Customers from the customers menu at the top the screen:

On the subsequent screen, select and enter the customer information. Once all fields are complete, select Create Customer.

Managing Customers

Your customers are populated on the Customers screen:

A red customer indicates there is a warning associated with thar customer.  To view only customers with warnings, select the Warnings checkbox, followed by Filter. You can also filter by name, status, and origin (how the customer signed up).

Selecting a customer from the list displays the customer details, such as their address, when the account was created, and any associated warnings:

Select Edit to modify any of the customer details.

If this is a new customer, select Add Account to create the customer's Tricefy account. This is usually the customer's clinic/office.

 See instructions for creating and managing accounts

Customer Statistics 

The bottom of the screen displays customer statistics that summarize their usage per month. This is a good way to confirm that new users are sending images successfully:


Selecting the Scanners tab at the bottom of the screen displays a list of connected scanners and any information that is available about the scanner, such as the Uplink ID:

Adding or Modifying a Customer Contract

Selecting the Contracts tab at the bottom of the screen displays the customer contract. To modify an existing contract, select the hyperlink in the Contract column.

To add a new contract, select the New Contract button. Specify the type of contract:

  • Per Scanner: Payment is determined by the number of scanners
  • Per Transaction: Payment is determined by the amount of activity (API calls)
  • Per Study: Payment is determined by the number of uploaded studies

Select Next and complete the fields shown on the following page. Uncheck Send Invoices Automatically or Automatically Renew if you do not want these to be automated actions. 

When you are finished, select Create Contract.

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