Data Retention

Data retention refers to the storage of a customer’s medical images and data for a specific period in the Trice cloud. The duration of the term will vary with the contract terms. How long medical data is retained is governed by local laws and regulations. 

Entering the Data Retention:

When creating a new account or new contract it is crucial that the data retention matches the customer contract. Make sure that you confirm the correct data retention is selected at the initial point of entry. When completing the Customer Sign Up page, please use the drop-down menus to select the contract type and package that corresponds with the agreed customer contract. Once you have created the customer and account record, confirm you have the correct data retention by reviewing the contract and associated package. To check the contract, scroll to the bottom of the Customer Details page and select the Contracts tab. Select the current contract and check that the package is correct. The data retention will be displayed in the Customer Details box on the left-hand side. Cross check this data retention with the data retention displayed under the Account Details page. Once you have selected the account, look in the Account Details box and review the term listed under “retain data for”. This should be the data retention term as indicated in the customer contract. It is the period listed under “retain data for” that ultimately determines how long the data is kept. 

Modifying Data Retention:

Once a paying contract has been entered into Manage, there is a 7-day grace period in which to extend or shorten the data retention length. If it is past the 7-day grace period, the only option you will have as a distributor is to extend the data retention term. As there is a higher risk of data loss, all changes to shorten the term must be submitted as a request to Trice. One of our engineers can then assist with the request. 

Data retention must be adjusted on the account level. From the Account Details page select the “Change Data Retention” button. You will then have to enter your Manage password and use the drop down to select the correct data retention term. Select “Change Data Retention” to save the changes.

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