Digital Doctors: How to increase Clinical and Patient Engagement with Dr. Menkhaus

Watch and learn how our cloud-based solution, Tricefy, adds value for clinicians and patients with special guest speaker Dr. Ralf Menkhaus, M.D. Dr Ralf Menkhaus, M.D., Co-owner of Gyn-Concept Centre in Germany for prenatal medicine and fertility, specializes in fertility, prenatal ultrasound and gynaecology. Dr Menkhaus has been a member of DEGUM, FMF, and ISUOG for 20 years, and his unit is one of GE test sites since 2011. Dr Ralf Menkhaus’, connected by Tricefy, leads a network of doctors specializing in gynaecology, fertility, and prenatal diagnostics. Today they have expanded to 4 locations where they have created a universal process across sites to streamline clinical workflows and engage patients.

Learn how Dr. Menkhaus leverages Tricefy to:

  • increase patient engagement and communication,
  • replace outdated ways of storing images and data,
  • set up routing and networking between his facilities to allow for real time collaboration and instant accessibility of medical images,
  • streamline second opinion workflows for fetal fetal malformations
  • and manage international IVF patients.

"Remote colleagues feel like they are participating in the whole scan, Tricefy is so much more real than only images in a report!"

-Dr. Ralf Menkhaus, MD., Co-owner of Gyn-Concept Centre in Germany


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