Distributor Newsletter Q3 2021

Dear Trice Distribution Team,

Welcome to your Q3 newsletter! We have seen many challenges this quarter, but we have pushed through and seen some great results! I'd like to give a special mention to PT Beyond Medical who have seen great success with their Tricefy/Voluson bundle packages and have exceeded their goal for the quarter. Fantastic job, keep it up!

What’s New:

We are pleased to release Tricefy 4.1.21: (Thursday September 30, 2021  22:47:26 EDT)

NOTE: ***Sending a collaboration to a new user via phone number will now present an error. That user may be invited via email first, and they can add their phone number to opt in to SMS notifications. Please do not demo and train collaborations using a phone number for new collaborations.

We added an option for Allscripts (an EHR service) automation rules, to add the study permalink to a note on the patient chart. This creates a clickable link, to workaround the built-in PDF viewer in the EMR system.
We fixed a bug in SMS messages where some non-Latin characters were getting removed.
When searching for labels that have parent labels, we added a tool tip to the search results to see the full context for the label.
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Did you know?:

You can now archive Adaptive Reporting templates in Tricefy that you no longer wish to use. Archiving unused report templates can help clean up and simplify the selection of report templates available when creating a report. Click on the image below to learn how to archive and unarchive an Adaptive Reporting template and when you may need to use this feature:

We Use Tricefy:

This quarter’s customer success story comes Ultrasound Direct, an award winning healthcare provider with an output of over 120,000 scans per year.

"Tricefy is a cornerstone for sharing and storing and indeed scaling up the number of ultrasound studies we perform."
-Mike Stewart
Director, Ultrasound Direct

Find out how Tricefy enables large area network providers like Ultrasound Direct to share, archive and scale up their business:

For more inspirational use cases and “We Use Tricefy” marketing materials that you can use to create your own use cases, click on the "We Use Tricefy" logo above.


Q4 Planning:

As we head into Q4, if there are any areas of the Tricefy service that you would like additional training, a refresher, marketing assistance or to discuss value proposition in your market,  please let me know and I would be happy to arrange a session. I am here to support you and provide the tools you need for success.

If you have any feedback, either from yourself or a customer, send an email to feedback@triceimaging.com 

In the event of a complaint, please report as much detail about the complaint as possible within 48 hours of receiving a complaint to support@triceimaging.com If you are located in the EU, please follow these instricutions for reporting a complaint: https://academy.triceimaging.com/help/complaints-feedback

Thank you to those who have filled out your self assesments. It is essential that these are returned in a timely fsahion each month. We use this invaluable data for our own quality procedure, to best support you, and to continue to provide world class services for the betterment of the world.

Don't miss out, read previous newsletters here:  https://academy.triceimaging.com/help/newsletters

From all of us at Trice Imaging, many thanks for all that you do to help provide quality of care for all people. We appreciate you!

Best wishes,          

Adrena Austin
Trice Academy Manager                  

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