Customer Terminations

Trice Imaging appreciates a very high customer satisfaction rate and as such churn is very low, approximately 2% a year. In the rare event that a customer wishes to terminate their contract with Trice, it is important to follow the correct termination procedure.

We track all terminations to monitor any potential trends and for regulatory and quality purposes. It is the responsibility of the Distributor to correctly record all terminations according to the instructions in this article. Contracts are terminated and documented in Manage.

To terminate a contract, select Edit in the Customer Details box.

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Once on the Editing Customer page, go to the Status dropdown menu and select Terminated.

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Next go the Notes section of the page and record these 3 critical pieces of information used to document the Termination:

  1. The date the customer gave notice to terminate
  2. The date the termination becomes effective
  3. The reason for the termination

It is a regulatory requirement that we capture this information upon Termination. Once the documentation has been properly completed, select Update Customer. 

Any terminations will need to be discussed with your Trice Sales Manager during your monthly meetings. Terminations will also be documented on your quarterly self-assessments.

Note: Please do not ever delete the contract or delete/destroy the Customer. This is improper procedure. If you need further assistance, please contact your Trice Sales Manager.

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