Distributor Newsletter Q3 2020

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Dear Tricefy Distrubutor team,
 Welcome to your Q3 Trice Academy newsletter.
 Tricefy COVID-19 Update:
 As healthcare providers across the globe continue to fight the COVID-19 outbreak, we at Trice Imaging, have decided to do our part in keeping healthcare workers and patients safe during the pandemic and further extend our COVID-19 package. We are offering our remote medical imaging solution 100% free for a minimum of 90 days.

What's Included:

  • Tricefy archiving for 12 months
  • Access to the Tricefy Consult feature for easy, quick collaboration
  • Tricefy communication between facilities and interfaced directly with PACS and EMR
  • Access to our flexible, Adaptive Reporting tools from anywhere
  • 100% remote installation and support

*This offer is for new Tricefy customers only.
 *New customers seeking patient sharing solutions can take advantage of our existing 30-day free Tricefy trial.
 For more information about our COVID-19 pledge including sign-up, a message for our CEO, instructional videos and more, please see the following page on the Trice Imaging website:
 What’s new:
  1. Trice Academy Website Launch:

 I am thrilled to announce the launch of our Trice Academy website! The Trice Academy is a resource specifically curated for our Tricefy distributors and partners. The Trice Academy will work alongside the existing Tricefy Help Center to bring you a centralized resource for all your Tricefy education, marketing and administrative needs. The Trice Academy features webinars, how-to videos, marketing resources, sales materials and more. If there are resources or topics that you would like to see added to the Trice Academy, please let me know so I can accommodate your needs. Trice Imaging is committed to helping you succeed, and the Trice Academy will be a tremendous resource to support your product expertise and Tricefy positioning. For easy Trice Academy access, please bookmark the following link:

 2. Feedback process:

 Feedback is a powerful tool for accomplishing our quality process. Trice Imaging is committed to meeting customer and regulatory requirements and enhancing customer satisfaction. The best way for us to accomplish this is by listening to our customers. All feedback will now be sent to feedback@triceimaging.com.
 If you have any feedback, either from yourself or a customer, send an email to feedback@triceimaging.com Alternatively, you can use the feedback option on the bottom of every Tricefy Help Center or Trice Academy article which will be forwarded to feedback@triceimaging.com.
 To keep up to date on all new Tricefy releases and product performance, please subscribe to: https://trice.statuscast.com

 Distributor spotlight:

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 This month we would like to highlight the award- winning Beyond Medical Indonesia.
 Established in 2016 in Jakarta, Beyond Medical is engaged in selling medical devices that are wholly owned by local entrepreneurs.
 Beyond Medical’s mission is to:

  • Provide quality products in the field of medical equipment through distribution, marketing and trade activities.

  • Develop mutually beneficial partnerships with actors who produce quality products.

  • Empower all employees as the main capital to provide the best quality service for customers, effective and efficient operations.

  • Improve the ability of information technology on an ongoing basis to face global competition.

Congratulations on all your successes. We are thrilled to have you as part of the Trice Imaging distributor team!

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 Best wishes,          
 Adrena Austin
 Trice Academy Manager                  



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