Manage (Partner Portal)


Trice Imaging has provided you with an application for signing up, tracking and managing customers (this application is known as "Manage" or the "Partner Portal").

The menu bar at the top of the page provides navigation to the following features:


  • View your customers and create new customers
    • Create/modify customer contracts

 Learn more about managing your customers

  • View customer accounts and add new accounts
    • Invite new users to the account (and from there, they can invite new members using the Tricefy interface)

 Learn more about managing accounts


  • View all active and inactive Uplinks and their respective IP address and port numbers
    • The Uplink IP and Port numbers must be entered into the customer's imaging system

  Learn more about Uplink configuration

 Learn more about setting up an imaging system


  • View and/or export a business report (showing the number of customers, traffic and other business-related statistics)
  • View and/or export a study report (showing the number and sizes of the studies sent by customers)


  • View the Trice Log of time-stamped activity, such as when your customers logged into Tricefy, sent or exported studies
    • This information is helpful for troubleshooting Level 1 technical support issues

 Learn more troubleshooting steps at the Tricefy Help Center

  • View your staff and enable two-factor authentication
    • Create new staff and deactivate old staff
    • Reset passwords
    • Change user roles

 Download Two-Factor Authentication Instructions

 Learn about managing staff


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