5 Expert Tips for Maximizing Cloud Medical Imaging

Cloud Medical Imaging improves productivity and provides better patient care by enabling instant, remote access.

Dr. Ralf Menkhaus, Trice Key Opinion Leader, Highlights his Top Reasons 

Why YOU should be using Tricefy’s Cloud PACs Tool:

1. Accessibility Gain instant access, regardless of where you are, to medical images and data across your practice or enterprise. Streamline efficiency to drive increased patient care and improved physician satisfaction.

2. Be Audit Ready Satisfy compliance requirements with secure, unlimited, easy-to-search, long-term cloud storage. Incorporate best practices and meet regional and national requirements – with a full audit trail.


3. Manage Cost No need for costly hardware. No user licenses. Eliminate the traditional heavy-lift IT implementations which need significant resources and time. User-friendly, simple to install, Cloud access.

4. Integration to EMR and EHR Dr. Ralf Menkhaus leverage the Tricefy Integration with GE Healthcare's ViewPoint6. Tricefy offers standardized interfaces for any HIS, RIS, EMR, and PACS.

5. Improve Clinical Performance Metrics Facilitate treatment planning and decrease patient wait time through easy collaboration across the enterprise.

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“We ran into archiving problems. The more ultrasound devices we applied in our unit, the more data we had to store. I was looking for a cloud solution. Tricefy is an online database, which meets the quite strict data safety requirements. In Germany everybody's very sensitive about data safety, and Tricefy is safe; it has generated many advantages in our unit.” 

– Dr. Menkhaus M.D., Gyn-concept in Minden, Germany


Hear from Key Opinion Leader – Dr. Ralf Menkhaus, M.D., Co-owner of Gyn-Concept Centre in Germany for prenatal medicine and fertility, on why Trice's Cloud PACS is a game changer. 

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