Use-Case Articles


La Reunion: The Tricefy Connected Islands
Several island hospitals in the Indian Ocean are using Tricefy for patient sharing, collaboration, archiving and reporting of medical examinations. Read more about the Tricefy connected islands here.
Dr Vargas Use Case for Viewpoint 6 and Tricefy
Read about Dr. Varga's vision of the "smart hospital" and how Tricefy plays a critical role in digitization and automation.
Dr. Nora Mores on Tricefy Patient Sharing and Collaboration
Dr. Nora Mores, OB/GYN; Prental Diagnoses Center, Luxembourg, shares the benefits of Tricefy patient sharing and collaboration.
The Birth Company and Tricefy: Clinical Collaboration for IVF Patients
The Birth Company and Tricefy. Read all about how Tricefy support clinical collaboration for IVF patients.
Life Scan Wellness and Tricefy: Elevating First Responder Healthcare
Life Scan Wellness and Tricefy: Elevating First Responder Healthcare. Read how Tricefy helps to care for America's First Responders.
Remote Imaging Consultations: Tricefy in Sports Medicine
See how GHP Idrittscentrum care for the Swedish National Sports teams and other elite athletes using Tricefy.
Mobile Pet Imaging: Veterinary Use Case
All creatures great and small, Tricefy covers them all! Read this inspiring tail of the very first mobile pet imaging service in Kansas City!
Helping Hearts: A trek across Australia to stop rheumatic heart disease in indigenous communities
Jane Nicholls September 27, 2022 · Between three to five percent of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians living in remote and regional areas suffer from rheumatic heart disease (RHD). Poverty and lack of p...