Tricefy Sell Sheets


Tricefy Sell Sheet Collection :Archive, Consult, Share, Report
This 8 page sell sheet covers the full suite of Tricefy services: archiving, collaboration, sharing and reporting.
Tricefy 2-Page Sell Sheet
This Tricefy 2- page sell sheet highlights the benefits that Tricefy has to offer those who are looking for an archiving, collaboration, sharing and reporting solution.
Streamline Your Ultrasound Workflow: 1-Page Sell Sheet
This 1-page sell sheets give potential customers a glimpse of what it would be like to experience the freedom and peace of mind that come with using Tricefy to streamline their ultrasound workflows.
Streamline Your Imaging Workflow
This sell sheet describes the clinical workflow for general medical imaging devices outside of ultrasound.
Adaptive Reporting Sell Sheet
Adaptive Reporting sell sheet
The Tricefy Experience
This 1-page Tricefy sell sheet highlights the simplicity and adaptability of the Tricefy customer experience.